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Hey, Just made my first youtube video on my new channel. Go check it out and dont forget to like & subscribe if you want to see more! :-)


Check out my new Tumblr!

My Instagram :-)

Go check it out everyone :-) Web profiles available now for those to follow without the smart phone apps. 

New Tumblr,Twitter & Blog (closing down old ones)

Hey Everyone I have now made a new tumblr,twitter and blog so if you would like to come on over with me then please find the links below, I will be closing down the current/old ones in a month to give everyone chance to cross over. Hope to see you all on the new pages :-)

I will be updating more frequently with lots of new things so hopefully you will all enjoy the new me.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LaurasLilTweets

Tumblr: https://lauraslittle.tumblr.com

Blog: http://lauslilblog.blogspot.co.uk/

Send me some asks :-)

Hey got some time to kill, so send me an ask and I will reply :-)